Located in Virginia’s beautiful Shenandoah Valley, Movara East Fitness Resort is an all-inclusive weight loss resort.

Wellness Adventure

Not only do we offer a unique health and wellness experience, but we offer a life-changing adventure. 

Life Changing

Movara Fitness Resort has cultivated life-changing experiences for thousands of guests in the desert of southern Utah, and will now do the same in the beautiful Shenandoah Valley of Virginia at our new Movara East location!

Movara East, the Weight-Loss Resort where You Prioritize You

“Encouraged and empowered… our guests achieve balance in a supportive group environment.”

What our clients say

How Movara East has changed lives? Hear from our newest members.

This is my first week here and my first time. I am all in for becoming a new me. I have already started to form some new habits that I plan on taking home with me. I'm very enthused...I have learned a new way to live.
Elenor S.
Yelp Review
It's the best healthiest habit I have!! If your overweight, out of shape, recovering from a curveball life has thrown you, the unbelievable positive attitude here is contagious! You will go home feeling much better, have better healthy habits and of course the pounds will melt off!
Bud G.
Yelp Reviw
Wonderful two-week stay at Movara. Great way to do a "re-set" and challenge myself in new ways. Great staff, great food, great time. Met lots of new friends and will be coming back!
Mel S.
Yelp Review

We help you prioritize you.

The Movara East Experience

We help you prioritize you.